Monday, January 12, 2009

Get Fit for Hiking

Around this time of year, I begin getting into shape for hiking that starts in the spring.  When hiking off trails on rocks, steep paths and wet terrane it is important that I am able to balance myself.  Depending on how long I plan on hiking for, I work on my endurance so I am able to keep going for as long as I can.  Sometimes hiking around Ithaca involves climbing over obstacles, jumping from rock to rock and running (in case of bees - haha)  A few exercises I do gear up for hiking are listed below:

How I work on Balancing: 3 days a week
~ Exercise Ball - I do ball circles, seated march and ball walks 
~ Balance Disks - I do squats while balancing on 2 disks
~ Wobble Board - I try to stay balanced for 10 seconds at a time. I add 5 seconds every week

How I work on Endurance: 4 days a week
~ I jog for a half hour start Jan 1st
~ I jog for 15 mins - run for 15 mins - jog for another 15 mins (total 45 mins) start Feb 1st
~ I run for 15 mins - jog for 15 mins - run for 15 mins (total 45 mins) start March 1st
~ I run for 20 mins - jog for 10 mins - run for 20 mins (total 50 mins) start April 1st
~ I run for a full hour start May 1st

The exercises mentioned above are a great way 
to stay fit even if you don't plan to hike in the spring.  I added links to pictures in the balance exercises above.  The pictures describe the exercises better than I can explain.   

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