Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hiking in the summer = swimming!

Ithaca New York, had one of the hottest summers a few years ago.  The heat made it hard to continue hiking. When I wasn't hiking that summer, I was swimming!  My favorite place to swim is the 2nd dam.  There are a few spots to swim at the bottom and a few swim holes at the top.  Almost every time I swim at 2nd dam I see people jumping off of the cliff.  This is extremely dangerous because the swim hole deep enough to land in is very small.  If someone missed the small swim hole after jumping they would hurt themselves very badly or possibly die.  There are signs posted that forbid cliff jumping and swimming, but they are often ignored.  As the warmer months approach, people will begin swimming and cliff jumping again.  

Sometimes after walking around Cass Park, we go swimming at the public pool there.  It is much safer than 2nd dam because there are always lifeguards on duty and the depth of the water is clearly marked.  Where do you swim when it's hot in Ithaca?

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  1. Where do I swim in Ithaca? My favorites: Taughannack Park, the squirty thing at Stuart Park, and anywhere I can get nekkid without fear of arrest or molest when the waders get to hot (all over Ithaca, if you know where to go and get off the path, the bank, the dock, or out of the boat, as it were) Fishing by the falls and then sneaking under them to cool off? Bliss.

    I DO swim responsibly with my child, usually at Cass or T.Park., and I keep my self covered (mostly :)